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Windfloo start over Sarajevo

Created on Thursday, 20 June 2013 11:05 ( 0 Votes )  2122 Hits Category: Windfloo Comment count: 0

Windfloo Over Sarajevo

Sarajevo is on the list of monitored locations. 

Another location is monitored with windfloo. Sarajevo this time. Full free 24/7 process of creation of wind over 25 by 25 km square in less then 0.3 km resolution.
Here You can buy forecasted wind for every location on the world.

Start ticket on our Help Desk for more information.


Wind on resolution ~200m for the world

Created on Friday, 14 June 2013 21:50 ( 0 Votes )  2166 Hits Category: Windfloo Comment count: 0

Windfloo over Skopje

Windfloo is something new here at Artfloo. We provide for every customer easy way to know the wind field in small area of interest. Just ask us at our Help Desk and we will start to add your area on our server as a every day task. Sometime this type of wind calculation is know as 'dynamic wind'

Let say Artfloo can provide Dynamic wind on surface of 25 x 25 km for every part of the world.

See more on Windfloo.

Alarmeroid, the meteoalarm browser

Created on Monday, 10 June 2013 22:37 ( 0 Votes )  2612 Hits Category: Android applications Comment count: 0

AlarmeroidMainScreenEuropean meteorological alarms now have own Android browser. The Artfloo team create one last month. Application exist in basic and professional version. The last one is available in the Artfloo - STORE for a limited and lifetime subscription.


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